Food preparation unit with built-in cooler. The worktop is made of granite which is very
durable and easy to clean.



  • Food preparation area of 120x120cm at the height of 95cm allows 3 persons to work simultanously in comfort.
  • 2 external power outlets are available on each side of the unit for connection of auxilary cooking or preparation equipment.
  • Removable multipurpose stainless steel tray is reachable from all 4 sides of the unit. It can be used for storing bottles and tools or - if filled with water - for keeping herbs fresh and watered.
  • Surrounding the unit on all four sides there is a rail for hanging cooking tools and additional accessories.
  • Upper drawer can be used either as a regular storage or - after filling it with ice - for keeping fish or meat or other products fresh and cold.
  • Lower cabinet features a 50 litre cooler for food and drinks in the form of a drawer which allows easy access from the top as well as quick overview of all its contents.
  • Mains power is connected at the back of the unit.
  • The base guarantees stability and safety. The unit is positioned on casters which allow it to be relocated. Casters are equipped with brakes which keep the device in place while cooking or during transport on a vehicle.



    Height: 950mm

    Width: 1200mm