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Cooking unit of the Quan Professional Line.



  • The top plate is made of thick, 20mm tempered carbon steel. This type of material prevents the change of shape while being exposed to high temperature.
  • Depending on the weather conditions and the kind of wood used for burning, the top plate can reach temperature over 400° C in the center area.
  • There are 3 temperature zones: super hot central area, mildly hot outer area and warm corners. It enables easy management of cooked and served dishes.
  • Top plate size is 120x120cm and results in 40% greater cooking area than our home-use dedicated products.
  • The inner bowl is made of stainless steel and can be removed for cleaning. Additionally it isolates the
    outside bowl from direct fire to keep it cooler.
  • Inside the base there is a large ashtray drawer installed, which enables easy removal of ash from the bottom of the fireplace. There is also an adjustable air intake - as part of our airflow design - which allows to control the intensity of fire. Additionaly the handle of the drawer can be used to hang cooking tools.
  • The base guarantees stability and safety of the fireplace. It contains a handy wood storage. The unit is positioned on casters which allow it to be relocated. Casters are equipped with brakes which keep the device in place while cooking or during transport on a vehicle.

PRO Fire


    Height: 950mm

    Width: 1200mm